Long time sicne last update we have been working with Fama on a big project – cheers guys!

Even if most of our concentration is on the work done for fama – here are 2 new projects.

label for tickled petsĀ  still a wip

sofas for Odysea Meble šŸ˜‰

La Room Logo


Logo design for an interior designer.


The goal was to create a feminine, delicate and subtel logo. In the final phase we went toward a label style sign ( the top version )

Artbotic - vertical-black

Artbotic – artwork layouts for an application

A project for Artbotic – together we are working on an online application where an user can upload their own pictures/paintings/prints and those will automatically show up on our images.s.


In addition to the quick flat background layout that you see here we also decided to go for RH ( restoration hardware ) climateĀ  and created a 3d office scene that will be coming soon.

Artbotic - illustrator

New Logo

So I decided to work on a new logo for myself. Wanted to create something original that would be near impossible to copy or reproduce, Something that would be geometrical and just represent me.


I started drawing with some markers and pens. Trying to get a variety in the lines. I’m going to try to combine them using illustrator into one symmetrical form. Will sit on it when I get some time. Check out the sketches.

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