Long time sicne last update we have been working with Fama on a big project – cheers guys!

Even if most of our concentration is on the work done for fama – here are 2 new projects.

label for tickled pets  still a wip

sofas for Odysea Meble 😉

La Room Logo


Logo design for an interior designer.


The goal was to create a feminine, delicate and subtel logo. In the final phase we went toward a label style sign ( the top version )

Renault Convention in Cracow – Poland

Very quick and pretty low resolution visualizations of a Renault convention that will take place sometime July in Hilton Hotel in Krakow. The event with host over 400 people and last 2 days.


Sadly the time was of the essence so we had to focus on a very, very tight deadline but we managed.

Renault Convention

Artbotic - vertical-black

Artbotic – artwork layouts for an application

A project for Artbotic – together we are working on an online application where an user can upload their own pictures/paintings/prints and those will automatically show up on our images.s.


In addition to the quick flat background layout that you see here we also decided to go for RH ( restoration hardware ) climate  and created a 3d office scene that will be coming soon.

Artbotic - illustrator

Images for Amazon Shop

Lately I’ve worked for a Swedish Company Volutz. Lots of small tweaks and changes, but we got 3 cool images for their Amazon shop.  Would love to work on some jewellery with some interesting lighting and backgrounds.


The product is a USB to Micro USB Cable in 3 different lengths 10ft 6.5ft and 3.3ft


The model was created in rhinoceros (CAD), lighting set using HDRI light studio + some spot extra spot lights and renders done in 3dmax + vray.

Product Visualization
Product Visualization
Product Visualization

Furniture First Renders

First furniture shots for the catalogue still work in progress

– Furniture Design done by Malogrzata Szafranska.


Floor Panels

Working on a new project, bedroom design for a modern apartment. Started working for architecture studio great work over there check it out.


The floor panels created using floorgenerator and mapped using multitexture material. First one is physically more accurate with the real world. Really happy and satisfied, hope you guys like it.

Floor Panels 1

New Logo

So I decided to work on a new logo for myself. Wanted to create something original that would be near impossible to copy or reproduce, Something that would be geometrical and just represent me.


I started drawing with some markers and pens. Trying to get a variety in the lines. I’m going to try to combine them using illustrator into one symmetrical form. Will sit on it when I get some time. Check out the sketches.

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