Long time sicne last update we have been working with Fama on a big project – cheers guys!

Even if most of our concentration is on the work done for fama – here are 2 new projects.

label for tickled pets  still a wip

sofas for Odysea Meble 😉

New Interiors

We have been working on new interiors together with Anna Kupidura –  after the weekend we will be updating our portfolio with some awesome nwe stuff!  – here are some quick samples.


All of these great interiors were designed by Anna Kupidura! – awesome job!

Renault Convention in Cracow – Poland

Very quick and pretty low resolution visualizations of a Renault convention that will take place sometime July in Hilton Hotel in Krakow. The event with host over 400 people and last 2 days.


Sadly the time was of the essence so we had to focus on a very, very tight deadline but we managed.

Renault Convention

Vray Visualization

Big Architectural Project

I’m close to finishing a big architectural project a twin house in a development state located in Warsaw, almost ready to hit the market. . 3 renders of exterior, plan drawings, website set ups, billboard designs etc.

Here is a teaser 😉 full res was almost 13000px.

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