New Canvases for Artbotic

This time a pack of 2 16inx20in. Model in 3d max, render in vray post processing done in photoshop. For lighting this time I used hdri light studio.

vray product render
vray product render
vray product render
vray product render
vray product render


Wireframe renders 😉 created using 3d max and vray. A vray blend material with vray dirt in diffuse and vray edge in diffuse + alpha map.


Key USB Flash Drive

A quick job, beauty shot for USB key flash drive, model provided, render done in 3d max + vray


Magnetic Shelf

Black Background

White Back ground

KEY Flash Drive
KEY Flash Drive

Amazon Canvas

A quick job, to start off the week. Canvas visualisations:
Main Image



Amazon Exploded
Amazon Beauty

Images for Amazon Shop

Lately I’ve worked for a Swedish Company Volutz. Lots of small tweaks and changes, but we got 3 cool images for their Amazon shop.  Would love to work on some jewellery with some interesting lighting and backgrounds.


The product is a USB to Micro USB Cable in 3 different lengths 10ft 6.5ft and 3.3ft


The model was created in rhinoceros (CAD), lighting set using HDRI light studio + some spot extra spot lights and renders done in 3dmax + vray.

Product Visualization
Product Visualization
Product Visualization

Furniture First Renders

First furniture shots for the catalogue still work in progress

– Furniture Design done by Malogrzata Szafranska.


Furniture catalogue

Furniture models ready to be exported to vray for studio shots. The visualizations will be used in a new line of furniture and will be presented in a catalogue. You got 3 models here: dressing table, stainless steel legs desk and a variation of a  classical desk with wooden legs.


Right now working on the lighting and materials. Models done in Rhinoceros.


– Furniture Design done by Malogrzata Szafranska.

CAD Models

Floor Panels

Working on a new project, bedroom design for a modern apartment. Started working for architecture studio great work over there check it out.


The floor panels created using floorgenerator and mapped using multitexture material. First one is physically more accurate with the real world. Really happy and satisfied, hope you guys like it.

Floor Panels 1

New Exterior Scene – wip

Hey guys! As you probably know I’m looking for a job, and lately received some feedback about my portfolio not having arch vis. I have decided to work on one. Should have done it by Monday. Hope you like it.  Good pratice ;).


Going to finish this and I will have an interior bathroom coming up  – design and vis.


Keep those feedbacks coming – both negative and positive.

Arch Vis WIP
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