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Symbol/logo designed by us   – illustrator work

Grill Set Package

Biotrem Packages

Packages created from pressed bran.  Biotrem is a company who patented the technology, they used it to create plates and wanted some designs to see other options.




  • Bran is 100% ecological, it is a by-product naturaly made in the process of creating flour
  • Dosen’t threaten the natural enviroment
  • Is a great alternative to paper and plastic packaging
  • The material is fully biodegradable
  • is eatable in all forms, contains a lot of roughage
  • Hot meals won’t burn your hands and the material won’t bend
  • Pressed bran is flammable and can serve as a natural kindling


Grill Set Package:


Package design for grill meat tray. The target group are males aged 20-45. The tray can be used as an natrual kindling and the material allows the meat to maintain freshness and moisture for longer period of time.


Lamp Package:


Package design for Tomek Melak’s lamp design.  In addition it can be used as a document case.