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Hair Under Microscope 3d Print

Hair under microscope, was a quick project for a Warsaw trichologist. He wanted to have a 3d printed hair model under microscope.


3 models have been created, 1st of a straight hair 2nd of a curved hair and 3rd was a straight hair with an inner hair part that could be taken out.


There is a difference in size of the ridges to show a contrast between a healthy and unhealthy hair sample.

Artbotic - vertical-black

Artbotic – Images for an Application

A project for Artbotic – Images were create for an online application where an user can upload their own pictures/paintings/prints and those will automatically show up on our images.  I have set up all the images with both color masks and alpha masks. Later on the developers will code the whole application.


We decided to go RH style and do a quick office interior set up + 2 flat backgrounds. The client wanted 2 types of frames black and white to save on my client budget I decided to photoshop the frames – the cost was a little lost of quality but it won’t be noticeable in the app.