Temporary Canopy Shelter System

Canopies are an important element in our lives. They protect us from the weather , giving  a us security and comfort.



Outdoor/mass events always arouse a lot of interest and attract many viewers , however, they require an enormous effort from the organizers.


Seasonal places such as parks , bike trails, or popular open-air spaces, are faced with similar problems at mass events , but for a longer period of time.


Public transportation also face canopy/shelter problems. Continuous reconstruction of roads , route changes , bus lines closures , establishment of new settlements forces the city to change the transport routes and place temporary bus stops.



With these needs in mind I started designing universal, modular roofing system, that meets the need and requirements of mass events, seasonal places and the public transport. The goal was to create a canopy that would be easy assembled, disassembled, was easy to transport,  offer safety and comfort of the users.



During the design process I was inspired by tensile architecture. The whole adventure started from the roof of  Warsaw national stadium. After doing an research on similar designs I found constructions that were closer to my project.


From the beginning I wanted the design to be modular so I had to concentrate on a simpler forms. One basic shape of this type of architecture is hyper – a hyperbolic parabolic.